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Beginning Your Treatment
STEP 1: Evaluation
Based on your exam and allergy history, your provider may request a simple blood and/or skin test to identify which allergens are affecting you. Results from your tests will be available for your return visit in a couple of weeks at which time we will review your results and treatment plan.
STEP 2: Your Treatment Plan
After reviewing your history, physical exams and test results, your provider will develop a treatment plan using a universal allergy serum provided by Allergy Drops that reats over 70 antigens at the same time (patent pending). Your provider may also suggest environmental changes and mediations that may offer symptom relief.
STEP 3: Receive Your Allergy Drops
After your treatment plan has been presented to you, your provider will introduce you to your allergy drop treatment by demonstrating how to properly take the allergy drops and answer any questions you might have about your treatment plan. Schedule a follow up visit in 4 weeks.
STEP 4: It's Now Up To You!
Take your drops every day as instructed. Most patients who take allergy drops find their need for medication decreases soon after treatment begins. Many report symptom relief in just a few weeks, but some may need more time to notice a difference. As you notice an improvement, keep taking the drops! Taking your drops as instructedby your healthcare provider will keep your immune system constantly stimulated and working to provide the maximum allergy immunity effect.
You will be asked to come back for routine visits so your provider can monitor your progress and adjust your dosage as you become more desensitized to the allergens. Even though you may not be experiencing allergy symptoms, it's important to complete the entire course of treatment to achieve the full benefits of your allergy immunotherapy program. We recommend patients follow their treatment plan for 3 to 5 years for prolonged elimination of their allergies.
STEP 5: Return Visits
Periodically, you will be requiredto return to our office so we can evaluate your progress and refill your allergy drop prescription. Additional testing may be required to determine serum effectiveness.
Allergy Care for the Family
Allergy Drops are extremely safe and highly effective. The majority of our allergy patients show improvement within weeks. With universal drops, you can build an overall immunity to what causes your allergies. Allergies can be hereditary, which means if you have allergies, your family members may as well. We can treat the entire family.


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