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Comparing: Shots vs Drops
  Shots Drops
Method of Administration
Multiple shots in the arm
Drops under the tongue
Insurance Coverage
Yes, with copay for each visit
Pending FDA approval
Risk of Shock (Anaphylaxis)
30+ fatalities from 1996-2006
No reported incidents!
Adverse Reactions
Multiple: Swelling, itching, risk of shock
Rare: Tingling mouth, flushed face
Allergy Testing Required
As needed at annual follow up visit.
As needed at annual follow up visit.
When NOT to be used
Beta blockers, history of anaphylaxis, young children, infants, severe asthmatics
No limitations. Can be used on very young patients and expecting mothers.
Treatment Frequency
Biweekly (1-3 Mo), Weekly for up to 7 years
Daily Drops (1-3 Mo), Biweekly Drops to 5 years
Yes for specific allergen
Yes for specific allergen
Cost Comparison
Office Visit Copay ($20-50 copay per visit)
Around $200 every 3 months ($20 per week)
Safe, Convenient, Affordable.
Better Compliance, Better Results


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